Saturday, March 13, 2010

The very HARD 3rd grade field trip by Sarah

Hello 2mm,

This, so far was the hardest field trip. This week on March 11th my class and I went to FRIM Forest Reaserch Institute of Malaysia. Me, Sophie and Sabby were very very excited! On the bus Sophie brought a camera so we took a lot of pics and one Crazy video. But when we came to FRIM it was all tired we had to hike for about 3 hours! Then finally what I have been waiting for the Canopy Walk. When I first step on to the bridge the bridge started to wobble I got very scared but I made it! After that we had to hike more for at least two hours! While I was hiking I slipped many times and I hoped there would be leeches because they suck your bad blood. Then I finally made it to the little water fall. The water was very cold. By that time me, Sophie and Sabby were whining because we had to walk back for a lunch. First we lost our way. But we finally made it and we were angry. Because the other group were already eating their delicous lunch! I was sooooooooo jealous. But we had fun and the landscape was a wonderful sight you should come.

While we were in the bus going back to school me and Sabrena were VERY tired so we slept until we arrived. But I was very very happy when I went back to school. We got to rest for about 3 minutes then we watched a movie while eating Traffic Light popsicle it was very cool. After that me and Sophie had Gamelan it is a very traditional Malaysion instrument. We had so much fun! When we had a little bit of time so we played Congkak a Malaysion game. We had thousands of fun but a bit tiring time!