Thursday, April 30, 2009

About Malaysia

Here is a school from Florida, USA that would like to find out more about Malaysia and our school.

Click on this link and try to answer some of the questions for them. Click EDIT and then start typing your answer.

Click here to see the page:

If you want to see a video of their school, click here:

If you want to see their class blog, click here:

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Snails and caterpillars

We have caterpillars and snails today. We are going to learn about life cycles. Some of our caterpillars are dead and some snails escaped. What are you learning about now salome?

Letter from Salome

Here is an email from Salome. Write your responses in the comments section and I will write her back.

Dear Mr Marshall and 2MM,

my dad is in Kuala Lumpur right now .My dad works with Santiago's dad. So my dad could get the wand and the book that I forgot to take my last day in ISKL. Could give it to Santiago, so Santiago could ask his dad to give it to my dad. Thank you very much.

I am learning cursive and I like it but some letters are a little bit tricky. I am still happy in my new school. Next to our house there is a pound with crocodiles inside. I miss my school and my friends. I have the same math book.


P.S. I hope you writte me back

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sophie's house

I went to Sophie's house for a sleep over. Me and Sophie played with the hamster. Me and Sophie saw a frog but the frog jumped away. I went to Sophie's pool and swam. I had fun. And I made a thank you card for Sophie.

Earth Day Voice Thread

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Snail Video

Here is some photos of some snails that we found in the garden. They are now in 2JO. We had a camera set up to take photos of them and there are over 300 photos taken of the snails over the day. If you put the photos together using a program called iStopMotion, it makes it into a movie.

At Mitchell's B'day by Jessica

My brother Jose, and I went to Mitchell's 8th B'day Party. It was fun. My friends came there too. There was Adlin, Sophie, Anela, Masato, Santiago, Sabrena, Iona and more friends. It was really fun at Mitchell's party. Well, there was a bouncing castle, and it was really bouncy! Next, in the castle, there was a bouncy slide which you could slide on, and then jump or dive into the pool. We were not only celebrating Mitchell's birthday, we were also celebrating Mitchell's small sister, Elizebeth's birthday too. She is turning 1 years old. She was so cute! A clown came and did very funny things! He did magic too. The clown made a dice disappear! I had a water gun. I had fun with it. I shoot everone with water! They did the same to me. There was a very shallow swimming pool and there was a slide which went straight to the pool! It was so fun! I went super fast! Also Anela & Maureen. We went super, super, SUPER FAST! We got turns to be leader because we were holding eachother's leg. And one person should be a tunnel. Mitchell lived in a Recidence. The place reminded me of someone else's birthday party. It was Ryan's. He is from China and Iona came to his birthday as well. He had a swimming pool and a shallow swimming pool. Only he did not have a slide. I enjoyed both B'days but I like Mitchell's birthday better. It was SUPER FUN!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

A life cycle of a butterfly! By sophie

A life cycle of A butterfly has changes A female butterfly and male butterfly can do it .First the mother adault lay's eggs on A leaf that is the egg stage .Next I will show you aboute the second stage It is when the hatch That stage is called the larva . now I will tell you aboute the caterpillers cacoon it is called the pupa .After several days It cracks out of the cacoon when it gets out of the cacoon It grows new wing's It's wings are a little bit wet so do not touch them if you do It will not be able to fly.

By Sophie 2MM

Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Dear 2MM,

Watch this video on the life cycle. After you have finished, write a comment to this blog post about a fact or observation you noticed. Don't forget to write your name!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

my holiday

On Wednesday MY family was going to go to London. First we went to Singapore then we got to london. We got to the hotel and had to wait about 6 hours for the room to be ready. We spent most of that time shopping and eating.

My holiday

I went to Singpore.
In the bus I watched TV.
My friend Sham was with me
I lived in a hotel called Conrad
It was fun.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My holiday by Sabrena

On Thursday I went to club med . We did a lot of things like performing, beach, playing pingpog.
I was in the kids club and my sister was in junior club . I went when it was my sister's birthday.
GOs are people thats fun. My fovrut GO's name is Vctory. I had a friend her name is Tiffany. I did a dance called Bollywood.