Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pangkor Island by Jessica

Dear 2mm, I and my friends, Vidhiya and Sanghavi went to an amazing island called Pangkor. It was a great trip! First, we found our hotel in Lumut Coastal City. Our hotel was beside a sea. It was a wonderful sea view. After settling down at our hotel, we thought to go in a beach! There I saw a horse cart ready to go. There were many monkeys. I had a wonderful time swimming. Sanghavi had a tube (floaty) which was orange. I got to rent a floaty since I havn't got one. It was black and was a tyre. Both, me and Sanghavi had a tube and what did Vidhiya have? A life jacket. Me and Sanghavi went to the deep where the water got up to our chins. But it wasn't deep. We could touch the sea floor. It was time to go. Before we went, we got to go to a bathroom so we could bath and get the salty water away. We also had a little snack while everyone were taking there baths. We ate Twisties. Vidhiya and me saw a big monkey carrying some sort of food in its mouth. We came closer to it and....... WHOOSH!! We ran as fast as we could because when monkey saw twisties in my hands, it chased us!!!!! Finally it gave-up and walked back to its tree. If it bit me, I will get rabies. I'm not sure what it means but my friend told it to me. While I was eating, I saw a brown horse and a father and his child were on it. Soon, it was evening and we had to head back home.

The very next day, we went on a jetty! Me and Sanghavi were very scared of the loud sounds of the engines and the jetty shaking. We hold our hand tightly! ZOOM! Of we go and see the sights. We reached to the island. The taxis were pink and bigger then the ones we have in KL. We went inside the taxi and went of. First, we went to Dutchport it's a place whers Dutchs live. There were many great sites around in Dutchport. We even saw a shop. We had a look inside and saw many things. I wanted a keychain, Sanghavi wanted a bracelet. And Vidhiya wanted a hat. But there was no time to buy anything. We had to go and see the other sites. By the way, the taxi driver was waiting for us. After, we went to a Mandir where the Hindus pray. Sanghavi showed me all the Gods and all their names. After Sanghavi and Vidhiya finished praying, we went to a Chinese temple. It was tons bigger then the Mandir. There was a cat sleeping on a tiny mat. We saw the gods and all. Vidhiya handed me a some sort of thing that we need to light up with fire and wave it around the gods. Near the temple (which is is part of the temple) we saw a little pool for turtles. The next pool was with big fishes. A man was holding three mediem fishes. He threw it in to the pool and the big fishes ate it. The big fish are called Dragonfish. Next up was exitin'.... Beach Time!!! I found many beautiful corals and shells. We also swam. My brother Jose, is very exited of beaches a lot. After the beach fun, we went back to a jetty and headed to our island. We went to KFC to have our lunch. I went shopping with my family and the other 2 families were waiting by their cars. We bought many things from the island. Now it was time to go home. I had the BEST simply THE BEST holiday EVER!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

adlin holidays

During my holidays I went to Lang Tengah island in Terengganu for 3 days and 2 nights with my family. We met 3 boys. Their names are Calvin, Kenneth and Jordan. We also met 3 girls. Their names are Yvonne, Wendy and Chloe. They are from Kuala Lumpur.

We went snorkeling and canoeing. I have a trainer for my snorkeling. His name is Along.
On Thursday we had lunch . My family ate rice with vegetables and chicken. I drank tea.
My father had drank coffee. My mother and sister drank Milo. We went snorkeling again.
We had dinner. My family ate rice with vegetable and chicken and tomyam soup. The End

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Vacation

Dear 2MM students (at least until August),
I hope you are all having a great summer vacation so far. I have enjoyed reading about what you have been doing over the holidays. I'm sure you are all excited to go back to school and meet your new teachers and classmates in Grade 3!

I taught summer school for Grade 2s for 3 weeks. I got to see Mitchell but he was in a different class. We had lots of fun learning about different sea animals! I also travelled to Cambodia. Here is a photo from my trip.

What have you done over the summer? Feel free to write in the comments (don't forget your name) or write a longer blog post with photos!

I will see you all in August and I will be your technology teacher. I miss all of you lots!


Friday, July 10, 2009

adlin sleepover

yesterday i went to my grandma house having a sleepover. me and my sister and my aunty watching Alvin and the chipmunks. and its was funny and crazy. so my aunty said "go to sleep"
and then i was a sleep. and i was a wake. i have ugama today. and i was watching michael jackson songs is Smooth Criminal and remember the time. and i was watching ranma and its was so romantic with akane. so that all i just write. the end

adlin sleepover

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jose's Birthday Party by Jessica

In June 27th 2009, My family celebrated my little brother, Jose's birthday. I invited all my friends in my apartment. They are Anagha, Sanghavi, Sheta, Vidhiya, Aditya, Rose, Preksha and Prakhar. Preksha and Prakhar are brother and sister.I also invited Adlin, because she is my one of my best friend living near my apartment. We had fun in Jose's birthday party. There were 2 games for children. First, there was a game to throw the ball in the bucket. The second game was taking a handful of coins. The one which has most coins is the winner. Anagha gave Jose a robot. Adlin gave an Aqua Doodle. There is a drawing mat and a pen. Dip the pen in the water and draw on the drawing mat. You can also dip your hand in the water and get your hand print on the mat. We had such a fun time!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

adlin weekend

yesterday i went to klcc to watch 17 again with my sister and my mum. my mum was laughing in the movie. it was funny. so me and my sister and my mum went to the toilet it was a long que. and me and my family go home. so my sister favorite part is ned and mike fight together and they have the star wars sword in the movie.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Dear 2MM.....

Dear 2MM
Hey pals! Remember me? Jessica. Thank you for the farewell book you gave me. But there were
still 3 missing people. They were Aishwarya and Adlin and Anela. I hope everyone is having a good summer holiday. Way to go 2MM, for finishing 2nd grade! I enjoyed school and it is very sad for me to leave Malaysia and ISKL. I am still thinking, why should all the nice people leave? Thank you Mr. Marshall for giving every student in class the memories of 2MM. What I miss mostly about 2MM is All of you.



Sunday, May 24, 2009

My New Kitten

I have a new pet kitten. She is five months old. Her name is Marmalade. she has white, black and Orange fur she is so cute! And energetic.

By Sophie!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Field trip to Bird and Butterfly Park

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butterfly quiz by Masato

What is not true about butterflys? answer from these.

1 They have scales.
2 They lay a lot of egg.
3 They drink pollen.
4 They are alive

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Butterfly life cycle

Butterflies go through four stages in it's life.Eggs are the first stage.Then it turns into a Caterpillar,they have to shed the skin four or five times.The Caterpillar is turned into a soup inside the Pupa.All Butterflies and Moths have a Pupa or Chrysalis.The last stage is an adult Butterfly.It only lives for a week or two.

Field Trip by Jessica

We took a trip to the Butterfly park. When we were inside, I saw 2 butterflies mating. It was yellow and black. Aishwarya spotted a butterfly laying eggs. When my group walked on, we saw some signs that tell more information about the butterfly. I saw a Duffer Dam Faun. It is a kind of butterfly. Later, we came to see some green butterflies spreading their wings wide. They looked marvelous. I spotted a brown butterfly camouflaging. Iona and Aishwarya couldn't see it. We came up the stairs and saw a butterfly walking on the ground. We saw its wing rip. I could tell, that butterfly is going to be danger because of its predators. Matthew saw a Preying Mantis up on a net. My group saw many chrysalis on display. There were shiny ones, and humongous ones, and I saw the smallest, tiniest chrysalis. Later on, we came to a fountain. There were fish and we saw a froglet! I also saw a tadpole. My group came to see the turtles with red and yellow stripes and giant shells and it had red eyes. When the whole grade two came inside the butterfly museum, we saw Giant Millipede, Jewel insects, Blue Morpho (it is my favorite,) Leaf frog, Green Mantis, Long legged Katyid, Man faced bug.

And in the Bird Park, We saw Ostrich, black headed Bulbul, Toucan, ducks, roosters, flamingos. When we came to the flamingo park, We came to a waterfall! We went on a bridge and suddenly, we were in the waterfall! My group saw a rainbow in the end of the waterfall. It was sure a hot day! But still, we enjoyed. Mathew, Iona, Aishwarya, Me, and Mrs. Hambly took a long walk to all the way to our bus. Aishwarya was really, really tired. She and me were tired of reminding of the droppings (which are the birds' poo.) and seeing all those droppings. In Dinosaur World, I saw a wedding. Well however, it was very, very tiring but IT WAS THE BEST FIELD TRIP EVER!!!

The field trip. By Mitchell

We went to the butterfly and bird park. we saw a chrysalis and a lot of butterfly. We also saw a dead butterfly. We saw big chrysalis. After that we went to the bird park. We saw a waterfall. we went under the waterfall We saw some parrots. We feed them with milk. Next, we saw some flamango. That was the part when we went under the waterfall. After the flamango. We went to the play ground. It was so fun. I also saw my friend too. After that, we took a picture. Then we played for ten minutes. Last, we went back to ISKL. I hope you like it.

Silly story

Once upon a time, there was a dog named "Shoey". Why? Because he eats a lot of shoes. One day, he met a dog whose name is "Garby". Why? Because she eats garbage. Then they went to the park where they could go camping. Instead of marshmallows, Shoey roasted shoes and Garby roasted garbage which she got from a nearby trash can. When they finish roasting, they started putting up their tent, but none of them knows how to build a tent. Garby said, "Let's use the garbage can." "What?!", shouted Shoey. "Who in the world makes a tent out of a trash can?", asked Shoey. "We do!", Garby replied. Since they could not agree on how they will build their tent, they decided to just check in a hotel.

Life Cycles

What I learned about the life cycles of frogs, butterflies and fish is that they all start from eggs before turning into grownups. Then, it will start all over again and again and again. Humans also start as an egg inside the mom's stomach, called an embryo, before turning into a baby then into adult. But for the frogs and the fish's eggs, you can find them underwater, like a pond. They are covered with jelly. Inside the jelly, is the egg. The frog's life cycle begins as an egg, then into tadpole. Then it will grow legs in the back and then in the front. The tails get shorter and shorter everyday before turning into an adult frog. The eggs of the butterfly are found under leaves. Then in turns into a larva also called caterpilars. The caterpilar spins into a cocoon or pupa. After 14 days, the pupa turns into a beautiful butterfly.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Life Cycles

I leant about Life Cycles in my class. It was about the Salmon fish. My partner, Maureen helped me, and I helped her. And there's something about the moth and butterfly. A moths' wings stick inside but a butterflies' wings stick outside. A life cycle begins again and again. Like a butterfly lays an egg, egg hatches into a baby caterpillar, caterpillar turns to chrysalis, chrysalis has a caterpillar inside, caterpillar turns to butterfly. So that happen again and again. The Swallow-tail butterfly and Lime or Lemon Butterfly look the same. But if you see the pattern carefully, they are a bit different.
I enjoy learning 'bout Life Cycles.

Fun Math Games

Here is a great website to play math games.


Butterfly Release (inside the cage)

Butterfly Release

Want to find out more about the butterfly, click here!


Our caterpillars have finally transformed into beautiful butterflies!
What did you learn about butterflies? Write down you facts in the comments

Monday, May 11, 2009

the broken bridge by maureen

once in Alaska,

there was a little girl named Loren Alston. And that is me.Every day it's puffy and everything is dull but today it's different there was a thunderstorm
all the Eskimo tribes run into their igloos but i wanted to stay i knew something was
interesting was out there so i slightly push my mother away and sit on the ice

then comes out a rainbow Gran-Gran says that rainbows are magic and you wish on them too!

so i quickly close my eyes and wish that Alaska had spring scene mostly then i slightly open my eyes

"Loren" sorry gotta go mama's calling"coming Mama" then in the morning i was the first tribe to wake up

"its a spring scene !" i shout out every one wakes up "and even our igloos aren't melting" said Kansas flinty my best friend

and that's when building began they builded a bridge to a lighthouse I'm so excited cause

tomorrow is July3 and that's my birthday. I was going to open my present on the Bridge I opened up
the wrapping and splash ! The present fell into the River and all I had left was its wrapping I had started to cry
I ran into my room got my scuba-diving set from my Uncle got my school bag filled it up with food and things for adventure
because I would do whatever it takes to find my present even it was a simple barbie doll
so I set on for the adventure so I go to the the last piece of an ice ledge and plunge into the river
"Huff at least no saw me!" I search along and check my map inside and it said i was in the Heart of the ocean
as I searched I found an enormous cave i saw some bone but I went on I saw a treasure box so I greedily grab it before
anything else happened it was getting late so i find another cave to rest in the next day I eat some waffles but doesn't taste
as tasty as on land I had searched for 99 days and haven't found anything so i decided to go back home
but I didn't know how beacause the piecese fish ate my map so I Swam without knowing and in 3 days I found my home
'' Loren I was so worried about you " for a secondI turned arond and showed her the tresaure box and it contained...
my present and billons of dollars

Mothers' Day by Jessica

It was 10th May 2009. It was a wonderful day, do you know why? It was Mothers' Day! I went to the church and prayed for my Mother. The priest of my church told every child to bring in their presents and give it to their Mother. The priest told that in 3rd May 2009. But the next Sunday, I forgot to give it at church. But never mind, I gave the gifts to my Mother in the morning. My Mother used one of my coupon. I had a great time with my Mother.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Jessica, Anagha and Adlin loved this little song from the book Matilda

Splish Splash Carnival

Last Thursday, April 30th, we had a Splish Splash Carnival. All classes played some water games on the field and then went in the pool to have some swimming races. It was a hot but fun day!
Here is a video from the day:

Monday, May 4, 2009

Matilda-By Roald Dahl

We just finished reading Matilda and watched the movie today. We noticed that there were many differences between the movie and the book.

What differences did you notice? Write you comments below!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

KLCC Aquaria by Jessica

My family and I went to an aquarium in KLCC. I saw many fishes. I will tell you about the Electric Eel. The shot from Electric Eel is so powerful that it can kill a cow! Estuarine Crocodile. Size: Adult males can reach up to sizes of 6 to 7 meters. My family and I went to this amazing water-tunnel. This is how the tunnel looked like; there was glass around like a cave and water and many fishes were wandering around us, amazing expierence!!! This is what I saw in the tunnel; Stringlays,Tigger Shark, Small fishes, Shadows of fish on the ocean ground, Funny stringlay! Giant stringlay, shining water, fish which is black and white. I can see bubbles, coral, stringlay with long tail, looks like a string. Fat soft fish! Small fat soft fish! I have never seen these kind of fish! I went to the tunnel 2 times. It was so wonderful! When I was outside of the tunnel, I looked over some more creatures! Oriental Whipsnake, Rainbow crab. Habitat: Dry land- beach coasts. Alligator snaping turtle. Diet: Fish. Bumble dart frog. Strawberry land Hermit crab. Maximum size: 5 inches. Common butterfly lizard, Reef Venom: A Reef Venom is a very beautiful creature. Did you know... Fishes have no ears. Now I want to tell you about a Clown Tiggerfish; Unique color pattern of large white spots on belly, black spots on yellow background on the black, yellow snout. I saw other creatures. They are Snowflake Eel, File fish. I will tell you a quiz. Let's see if you can answer these questions:-

1. Is an anemone a creature?

2. What kind of fish is Nemo?

3. Have I seen a shark in aquaria?

4. What color does a clownfish have?

Thursday, April 30, 2009

About Malaysia

Here is a school from Florida, USA that would like to find out more about Malaysia and our school.

Click on this link and try to answer some of the questions for them. Click EDIT and then start typing your answer.

Click here to see the page: http://aboutasia.wikispaces.com/Malaysia

If you want to see a video of their school, click here: http://www.vimeo.com/4404521

If you want to see their class blog, click here: http://mrshug2nd.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Snails and caterpillars

We have caterpillars and snails today. We are going to learn about life cycles. Some of our caterpillars are dead and some snails escaped. What are you learning about now salome?

Letter from Salome

Here is an email from Salome. Write your responses in the comments section and I will write her back.

Dear Mr Marshall and 2MM,

my dad is in Kuala Lumpur right now .My dad works with Santiago's dad. So my dad could get the wand and the book that I forgot to take my last day in ISKL. Could give it to Santiago, so Santiago could ask his dad to give it to my dad. Thank you very much.

I am learning cursive and I like it but some letters are a little bit tricky. I am still happy in my new school. Next to our house there is a pound with crocodiles inside. I miss my school and my friends. I have the same math book.


P.S. I hope you writte me back

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sophie's house

I went to Sophie's house for a sleep over. Me and Sophie played with the hamster. Me and Sophie saw a frog but the frog jumped away. I went to Sophie's pool and swam. I had fun. And I made a thank you card for Sophie.

Earth Day Voice Thread

To comment: click comment
Type in email address: 2mmiskl@gmail.com
Password: same as Blogger password

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Snail Video

Here is some photos of some snails that we found in the garden. They are now in 2JO. We had a camera set up to take photos of them and there are over 300 photos taken of the snails over the day. If you put the photos together using a program called iStopMotion, it makes it into a movie.

At Mitchell's B'day by Jessica

My brother Jose, and I went to Mitchell's 8th B'day Party. It was fun. My friends came there too. There was Adlin, Sophie, Anela, Masato, Santiago, Sabrena, Iona and more friends. It was really fun at Mitchell's party. Well, there was a bouncing castle, and it was really bouncy! Next, in the castle, there was a bouncy slide which you could slide on, and then jump or dive into the pool. We were not only celebrating Mitchell's birthday, we were also celebrating Mitchell's small sister, Elizebeth's birthday too. She is turning 1 years old. She was so cute! A clown came and did very funny things! He did magic too. The clown made a dice disappear! I had a water gun. I had fun with it. I shoot everone with water! They did the same to me. There was a very shallow swimming pool and there was a slide which went straight to the pool! It was so fun! I went super fast! Also Anela & Maureen. We went super, super, SUPER FAST! We got turns to be leader because we were holding eachother's leg. And one person should be a tunnel. Mitchell lived in a Recidence. The place reminded me of someone else's birthday party. It was Ryan's. He is from China and Iona came to his birthday as well. He had a swimming pool and a shallow swimming pool. Only he did not have a slide. I enjoyed both B'days but I like Mitchell's birthday better. It was SUPER FUN!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

A life cycle of a butterfly! By sophie

A life cycle of A butterfly has changes A female butterfly and male butterfly can do it .First the mother adault lay's eggs on A leaf that is the egg stage .Next I will show you aboute the second stage It is when the hatch That stage is called the larva . now I will tell you aboute the caterpillers cacoon it is called the pupa .After several days It cracks out of the cacoon when it gets out of the cacoon It grows new wing's It's wings are a little bit wet so do not touch them if you do It will not be able to fly.

By Sophie 2MM

Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Dear 2MM,

Watch this video on the life cycle. After you have finished, write a comment to this blog post about a fact or observation you noticed. Don't forget to write your name!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

my holiday

On Wednesday MY family was going to go to London. First we went to Singapore then we got to london. We got to the hotel and had to wait about 6 hours for the room to be ready. We spent most of that time shopping and eating.

My holiday

I went to Singpore.
In the bus I watched TV.
My friend Sham was with me
I lived in a hotel called Conrad
It was fun.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My holiday by Sabrena

On Thursday I went to club med . We did a lot of things like performing, beach, playing pingpog.
I was in the kids club and my sister was in junior club . I went when it was my sister's birthday.
GOs are people thats fun. My fovrut GO's name is Vctory. I had a friend her name is Tiffany. I did a dance called Bollywood.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Science Experiments

We have been busy doing science experiments in Grade 2. 2mm and 2RR have been science buddy classes as we investigate changes in matter. We interviewed Masato and Jae Yong about what they learned.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Break with turtles By Sarah

On spring break I had a turtle and it was my small sister's class pet. I got to keep it for the spring break .Their names are Twinkly and Electra. Twinkly has a big shell and Eletra has a small shell. They both have these red stuff on their heads .On Twinkly's cheeks it has a bump .They eat these smelly thing me and my small sister take turns feeding it. We feed six peices of their food each day and me and my sister also saw them eat, they wait until it's a bit soft for them to eat their food. These are some characteristics of Electra and Twinkly .

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mystery Question-Science Experiments

We did some experiments on changing states of matter.

Question#1: What were Iona and Dimas doing in this experiment?

Friday, March 13, 2009

the humongous clown

The Humongous clown
By Sophie 2mm ISKL
There was once A humongous clown He was woozily swimming Into my Socks. I Said "what Are you doing In my socks " Hi I'm A clown I mean A humongous clown" Said the humongous clown '' Every part Of my body Is BIG". The clown woozily Said. The humongous clown quickly jumped out of my socks and under the bed. And then the humongous clown tried to make his body fit into the interesting toilet to take A shower. the clown thought the toilet was very interesting "ooh aah" said the clown The End     

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ways Animals Sleep By Sophie In 2MM


Be quite In A dark black cave A lion mother is napping.
 She keeps her cubs close to her.
 She has her own form of space where she can protect her family.
 Just like you have your house to protect you.  By Sophie 2MM ISKL

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Vampire Ghost By Sarah

"Come on lets go to the haunted house before it's to late Lauren"said Henry quickly so she took her tiara and ran down-stairs to the car with her pretty dress 'cause she was a princess . Finally they were in the halloween carnival . When they went in side they saw lots of games and prizes to get then they saw the biggest haunted house and Henry ran to the haunted house with his sword 'cause he was a pirate and when Henry was running he said "Argh" so Lauren and their mother ran and said"wait Henry" almost panting like they can not breath and finally they reached to the biggest haunted house . When Lauren and their mother went in then they were shocked 'cause they saw lots of creepy things like little spiders,big spider webs and lots of more creepy things . Then when they reached to the end of the haunted house they saw Henry looking at the scary ghosts when Lauren,their mother and saw the scariest ghost ever and Henry said"look at that, that looks like a vampire ghost" frighteningly . Then a noise came out from the back of them and it said "boo" then Henry and Lauren ran out side and when their mother came out of the haunted house panting then Lauren and Henry said"I want to go home mom!"and the mother said"oh come on there lots of stuff to see and remember we are going for trick-o-treating "then Lauren and Henry said very loudly "I WANT TO GO HOME" so their mother went to the car and drove home .

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fractions around our Class

Can you find any fractions in this picture?

Fractions around our Class

Can you see any fractions in this photo?

Fractions around our Class

Can you see any fractions in this photo?

Fractions around our Class

Take a look at each photo. Can you write a fraction for this rock?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Mystery Photo #2

How did they make this solid metal? Write you answers in comments!

Mystery Photo #1

What and where did this photo come from? Post your answers below!

Field Trip to Royal Selangor Museum

On Thursday, March 5th, we went to the Royal Selangor Museum. Our class got a chance to do a tour of the factory and go to the School of Hard Knocks. We observed how various objects were made using metals.

Let's see who can answer my mystery questions about the trip:

You can post your answers below. Ready?...

1. What types of metals were used in Pewter?

2. How did they make metals?

3. What are some examples of Pewter solids that were made?

4. What classes went on the field trip? :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Collie the runaway bat (by maureen)

Once apon a cave there was a bat named Collie

she was very different.All bats were black and she was purple
she called that very unique. Everyone laughed at her and she could still
hear the laughs out from her cave house. That night she decided to runaway from the
bat village with a handkercheif, cave tracker,picture of family. And one of each thing in the
village. Why Collie  wanted to runaway was she was tierd of being laughed at so that night 
she ran from home when everyone was fast asleep In the morning with an umbrella she ended up lost and started to cry 
in the morning  Collie her mom dad and her sisters cried .And one Night she remembered  
her Father told her her to face her fears so that night she waited  then found a light  and followed 
it she ended up in her village and everyone was happy and  they told her dad she was sure 
to be Mayor when she grew up
THE END       

Letter to Salome from Matthew

Date 3-6-09
dear Salome, you left mrs.Berry with us. Can you tell me the name of your freinds?

Letter for Salome From Santi

3-4-09 Dear Salome I hope you are having a great time in India.What school do you go to?Are your friends from India?What are thier names?Have lots of fun in India. From Santiago.

Hello Salome

Hello Salome,
I am Isaac Wong.
I am sitting on your desk.
I am a new student from singapore.
I like ISKL because it is air-condition.
I will get familiar with ISKL.
So, I will make more new friends.

Letter to Salome

Dear Salome
I hope you are haveing
a good time in Bombay.
What else is going on in bombay?
What was the cow doing in
the shop.
Warm Regard

Hello from sophie

Dear Salome. I hope you are happy. We have A new student in our class his name is Isaac he is sitting in your spot. How is India ?. best wishes* .  Your true friend Sophie

To Salome from Jessica

Dear Salome,
I hope you are having a great time at Bombay. How is Bombay like? You know what? We have a new student. His name is Isaac. He is from Singapore. What does your new home look like? In 5th March 2009, is the last day of world- maths- day. Isaac is sitting in your place. What do you do in school? Do you have after-school activities? Do the children in school speak hindi or english? We are learning about matter. matter can take up space. They are solid, liquid & gas. We have a field trip in 5th March to learn more. It was pretty exiting. We also made a kind of dish made out of pewter.  The place was a museum. It was great. I hope you have a wonderful life at Bombay.

                                                YOUR FRIEND,


dear Salome. from Mitchell

march 6th 2009

I hope you had a great time  in bombay.
How many friends do you have?
We have a new student today.
He name is Isaac
I hope you and your friend will have a great time.

ps love Mitchell                                                                      

To Salome by iona.

march 4th 2009. 

Dear Salome.

What's your friends names? And what page in your math book are you on?




letter for salome by adlin

Dear Salome there was a new student named issac and I hope you have friend in bombay in 5th march 2009 we will have a field trip and we did the funny sentences. your best friend adlin.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

blog post. by:Mitchell

Hello. My name is Mitchell and i am from Philippines. I am seven years old. I have two cousins and three friends. They are in my class. I like math and science. My favorite sports are soccer and basketball.

were missing u ! maureen

march forth 2009
Dear Salome ,
how is Bombay? I Miss U So much! I luv you ! just kidding!
 what are the names of your friends there ? sorry i "m asking too much 
Questions i just want to know if u are okay What is your Teachers name?
best wishes  
Maureen PS i will tell you my club penguin   name  later 


letter to Salome By Sarah

Dear Salome,

Wow! how was Bombay . Are you leaving in a house, hotel or apartment . About the cow in the shoe shop was really funny and you forgot your miss berry wand so maybe Iona is going to give it back .So what's the name of your school and what is your friends names in Bombay and one more thing you forgot to bring with you the book that we made .
                                   good luck love sarah your friend 

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hi I am Anela,I come from Hawaii.I have 1 brother and his name Nikko!

my life

hello my name is dimas I'am from kl.My favorate computer game is club penguin and my penguin name is dido1238. And i have 3 friends and 2 sisters.

my life by :matt

i live in kuala  lumpur  I go to ISKL. I LIKE SCIENCE.I AM 7 YEARS OLD.I am good at math .I want to make a solar panel . and a a x-ray panel. 

My life Iona

Hi my name is Iona. I have six cousins I live in KL. I am born in Norway and it is snowing now.My favorite color is green.      


My Life by Santiago

Hi my name is Santiago.I live in Kuala Lumpur.But I was born in Houston Texas and my family is from Colombia, South America.

Because my dad's job, we have been living in diffrent countries like Houston, Norway, Colombia, Venezuela and now here in KL.

My favorite sports are basketball and soccer and I also like reading and math. My favorite color is light blue and light green.

After school, I go to guitar and to Kumon classes. I don't have any pets but I would like to have a Golden Retrever.

My favorite food is colombian food like beans, arepas, tomato soup and ajiaco (chicken soup).

sabrena the coolest

I am Sabrena my class is 2mm . I like animals . My favorite color is blue . My hobby is playing my Play station 3 . My friends are sarah and Sophie.
My favorite sport is baskitball . I have lots of pets and they are cute . My favorite song is hot and cold .

about me & the 2mm by adlin

Hi my name is adlin adnan i live in malaysia and i was born in sweden and i am 8 years old I like animax and i like timesqaure and i have 4 friends name: anagha and maureen and anela and jessica. i like swimming and piano. i have many family.

I am a New Student by Isaac Wong

Hello everybody, my name is Isaac. I am a new student. I am from Singapore.
I like this school because it is air-condition. I have a brother called Joshua Wong.
He is also in this school. I like sports. I like ice-cream too.

About Me & 2mm by Jessica

Hello! My name is Jessica. My teacher is Mr. Marshall. I have many choices what to be when I
grow up. The choices are... Artist, author & illustrator. I have more choices but... I don't know yet. I have many friends at home, and at school. Their names are Adlin, Anagha, Maureen, Anela and many more friends. My hobby is to draw and write. I am from Ranchi a city in India. Ranchi is the capital of a state is Jharkhand. My favorite color is every color I mean rainbow. I have 4 people in my family.
See you soon! Bye!

my stay in Kuala Lumpur by Maureen

My name is Maureen and I live in Kuala Lumpur. I am seven years old I have one dog his name is
Buddy.My birthday is on October third I have five people in my family me,mom,dad,sister and brother my school is ISKL Melawati.My favorite ice cream is vanilla my best friend is Anela and my favorite sports is tennis,soccer,mini golf and basketball my teacher is Marshall bye see you later alligator. PS i am from america.

Welcome-By Mr.Marshall

My name is Mr. Marshall and I teach 2MM. I have been living in KL for almost 1 year now. I have 4 sisters in my family (2 are twins). I like playing lots of sports like soccer, basketball, hockey and golf. I also like playing the guitar. At school, I love reading books and my favorite book right now is Matilda because it is quite funny. I hope you enjoy reading our class blog! Mr.Marshall