Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jose's Birthday Party by Jessica

In June 27th 2009, My family celebrated my little brother, Jose's birthday. I invited all my friends in my apartment. They are Anagha, Sanghavi, Sheta, Vidhiya, Aditya, Rose, Preksha and Prakhar. Preksha and Prakhar are brother and sister.I also invited Adlin, because she is my one of my best friend living near my apartment. We had fun in Jose's birthday party. There were 2 games for children. First, there was a game to throw the ball in the bucket. The second game was taking a handful of coins. The one which has most coins is the winner. Anagha gave Jose a robot. Adlin gave an Aqua Doodle. There is a drawing mat and a pen. Dip the pen in the water and draw on the drawing mat. You can also dip your hand in the water and get your hand print on the mat. We had such a fun time!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

adlin weekend

yesterday i went to klcc to watch 17 again with my sister and my mum. my mum was laughing in the movie. it was funny. so me and my sister and my mum went to the toilet it was a long que. and me and my family go home. so my sister favorite part is ned and mike fight together and they have the star wars sword in the movie.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Dear 2MM.....

Dear 2MM
Hey pals! Remember me? Jessica. Thank you for the farewell book you gave me. But there were
still 3 missing people. They were Aishwarya and Adlin and Anela. I hope everyone is having a good summer holiday. Way to go 2MM, for finishing 2nd grade! I enjoyed school and it is very sad for me to leave Malaysia and ISKL. I am still thinking, why should all the nice people leave? Thank you Mr. Marshall for giving every student in class the memories of 2MM. What I miss mostly about 2MM is All of you.