Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pangkor Island by Jessica

Dear 2mm, I and my friends, Vidhiya and Sanghavi went to an amazing island called Pangkor. It was a great trip! First, we found our hotel in Lumut Coastal City. Our hotel was beside a sea. It was a wonderful sea view. After settling down at our hotel, we thought to go in a beach! There I saw a horse cart ready to go. There were many monkeys. I had a wonderful time swimming. Sanghavi had a tube (floaty) which was orange. I got to rent a floaty since I havn't got one. It was black and was a tyre. Both, me and Sanghavi had a tube and what did Vidhiya have? A life jacket. Me and Sanghavi went to the deep where the water got up to our chins. But it wasn't deep. We could touch the sea floor. It was time to go. Before we went, we got to go to a bathroom so we could bath and get the salty water away. We also had a little snack while everyone were taking there baths. We ate Twisties. Vidhiya and me saw a big monkey carrying some sort of food in its mouth. We came closer to it and....... WHOOSH!! We ran as fast as we could because when monkey saw twisties in my hands, it chased us!!!!! Finally it gave-up and walked back to its tree. If it bit me, I will get rabies. I'm not sure what it means but my friend told it to me. While I was eating, I saw a brown horse and a father and his child were on it. Soon, it was evening and we had to head back home.

The very next day, we went on a jetty! Me and Sanghavi were very scared of the loud sounds of the engines and the jetty shaking. We hold our hand tightly! ZOOM! Of we go and see the sights. We reached to the island. The taxis were pink and bigger then the ones we have in KL. We went inside the taxi and went of. First, we went to Dutchport it's a place whers Dutchs live. There were many great sites around in Dutchport. We even saw a shop. We had a look inside and saw many things. I wanted a keychain, Sanghavi wanted a bracelet. And Vidhiya wanted a hat. But there was no time to buy anything. We had to go and see the other sites. By the way, the taxi driver was waiting for us. After, we went to a Mandir where the Hindus pray. Sanghavi showed me all the Gods and all their names. After Sanghavi and Vidhiya finished praying, we went to a Chinese temple. It was tons bigger then the Mandir. There was a cat sleeping on a tiny mat. We saw the gods and all. Vidhiya handed me a some sort of thing that we need to light up with fire and wave it around the gods. Near the temple (which is is part of the temple) we saw a little pool for turtles. The next pool was with big fishes. A man was holding three mediem fishes. He threw it in to the pool and the big fishes ate it. The big fish are called Dragonfish. Next up was exitin'.... Beach Time!!! I found many beautiful corals and shells. We also swam. My brother Jose, is very exited of beaches a lot. After the beach fun, we went back to a jetty and headed to our island. We went to KFC to have our lunch. I went shopping with my family and the other 2 families were waiting by their cars. We bought many things from the island. Now it was time to go home. I had the BEST simply THE BEST holiday EVER!!


2MM Student said...

that was a long long story.adlin

Mr.Marshall said...

Wow, super writing Jessica. It seems that you had a great time in Pangkor. Did you take any photos? If you did, you should try adding them to your blog! Mr.Marshall

2MM Student said...

Yes Mr. Marshall. I took many photos and videos. Maybe I should try adding videos too!

2MM Student said...

Wow that was a fun trip I wish I could go there