Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Vacation

Dear 2MM students (at least until August),
I hope you are all having a great summer vacation so far. I have enjoyed reading about what you have been doing over the holidays. I'm sure you are all excited to go back to school and meet your new teachers and classmates in Grade 3!

I taught summer school for Grade 2s for 3 weeks. I got to see Mitchell but he was in a different class. We had lots of fun learning about different sea animals! I also travelled to Cambodia. Here is a photo from my trip.

What have you done over the summer? Feel free to write in the comments (don't forget your name) or write a longer blog post with photos!

I will see you all in August and I will be your technology teacher. I miss all of you lots!



2MM Student said...

Hi, Mr. Marshall! Is that a taxi you're sitting on? If so, whats the taxi's name? I hope u enjoy your holidays!

Best Wishes,

2MM Student said...
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2MM Student said...

Mr. Marshall, looks like I already wrote a very long post! Jess

2MM Student said...

hi Mr.Marshall Jessica said"is that a taxi". its not a taxi its a tuk tuk. have you seen my old school ISPP Elementery.adlin